Accessories – Plasma Cleaner

SEM / TEM System Adapter
The GV10x – can be connected to your SEM, TEM, FIB, DB, CDSEM etc.

We offer appropriate adapters.

Share your system type, some measurements and images of the respective ports and we make specially for you the required adapter.

GUI – Remote – Control

With the GUI, you can operate the GV10x – Downstream Asher from the computer.

The computer is connected via a serial – or USB – interface with the GV10x – controller. The GV10x can be controlled with the associated software.

The remote software

(optional for  “Scientific”)

is available in two variants:


In the “Standard” – software you can set all parameters, monitor and switching the plasma source on / off.


– In the “Advanced” – software, a security question to the isolating valve, or high-voltage can be switched on in addition.

– An automatic start of the plasma source can be a special vacuum value (only for systems with Pirani).

– It can be changed the ignition performance and period of time easily.

Gentle Asher Chamber

The “Gentle Asher Chamber” cleans samples and holders of hydrocarbons. Purified samples can be stored in a dry vacuum.


First, the “GV10x” is connected to the SEM or TEM. The “Downstream Asher” splits the hydrocarbon so that it could be pumped off.

Now the samples before placing in the vacuum chamber should be cleaned, so that the contamination in the Chamber can be kept as low as possible.

To do this, the “GV10x” is connected to the “Gentle Asher Chamber”. In the 8 “Chamber samples and sample holders can be cleaned now.

Even TEM holder, including TEM’s sample, can be cleaned with special adapters.

The purified samples can now be introduced into the SEM or TEM.

This cleaning process damages neither the sample nor the topography.

Dry Scroll Pump
The “Gentle – Asher – Chamber” should be operated with a “Dry Scroll Pump”.

Pumps, as shown in the picture (models may vary also), are delivered including high vacuum hose (1 m).

Pirani vacuum monitoring
You have no Pirani or want to monitor the vacuum during cleaning with the GV10x?

To do this, you can connect an optional micro – Pirani.

The vacuum can now be monitored on the controller and/or on the “Remote Software”.

Hand valve for connection flange

You clean the SEM and afterwards the sample in the Gentle Asher?


You have two or more SEM’s to be clean?

You need no longer break the vacuum, if you integrate the hand valve.

An additional by-pass valve increases the effectiveness and safety of the vacuum – system.

Stainless – Steel – Table
All items can be safely stored and transported on these tables.

These very stable and sturdy tables are made of V2A and have a railing to secure and four smooth-running castors (2 with brake).

Available in two sizes:

49 cm wide  for Downstream Asher + Controller

80 cm wide   for systems with a Gentle Asher

In addition, there is the possibility to get all tables with drawers.

GV10x – Transport box

In this specially-made carrier the “GV10x” is protected against water, dust and shock.

Through their roles and the practical handle this transport box can be taken easily and conveniently wherever you go.

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